Background links for the Arab-Israel Conflict

Many of the following links are from The Middle East 1916 - 2001 : A Documentary Record

and US Embassy in Israel, Middle East Official Texts.

 From Jewish Virtual Library: Myths & Facts Online A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict By Mitchell G. Bard

Maps and Images

Maps (excellent collection of area maps from U of Texas)       Political maps (from Dartmouth College)

More Political Maps with commentary (from Jewish Agency)

Searchable street map of Israel (Hebrew)          Satellite Images of Israel and the Middle East


The Sykes-Picot Agreement : 1916

Balfour Declaration November 2, 1917


United Nations Resolution 181 (II). Future government of Palestine, November 29, 1947

Declaration of Israel's Independence 1948

(Analysis of the Declaration of Independence)

United Nations Resolution 194 (III). Palestine -- Progress Report of the UN Mediator, Dec. 11, 1948

United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 NOVEMBER 22, 1967

PLO Covenant, 1968

United Nations Security Council Resolution 338, 1973

United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379 (Zionism is Racism),  November 10, 1975

Israeli Ambassador Herzog's Response To Zionism Is Racism Resolution (November 10, 1975)

Camp David Accords; September 17, 1978

Hamas Covenant 1988

United Nations General Assembly Resolution 46/86 (revoking "Zionism is Racism"), Dec. 16, 1991

Oslo Accords1993

Wye River Accord, October 23, 1998

Projections of the Israeli offer in December 2000, and the Bridging Proposal of US President Clinton (MidEastweb)

Palestinian Maps of the Camp David 2 Proposals ( MidEasweb)

The Israeli Camp David II Proposals for Final Settlement July, 2000 (MidEastweb)

Mitchell Report, 2001

The Tenet Plan : Israeli-Palestinian Ceasefire and Security Plan, Proposed by CIA Director George Tenet; June 13, 2001

Negotiating Water: Israel and the Palestinians, Sharif S. Elmusa, Institute for Palestine Studies Washington, D.C. 1996

















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