Article of Mr. Tommy Lapid
Heinz Schneier - Munich/Germany 
01/31/2003 15:03 IT
To make it short: your statements in this article are extremely hypocritical an remind me of
the late Mrs. Lea Rabin, who came here to tell the Germans, that the religious in Israel are parasites.

Since Anti-Semitism has officially become politically incorrect, we are often confronted in Europe with similar slimy forms of Hypocrisy. In the German elections of lat September we had a ?liberal? German politician called Moellemann (also chairman of the Arab-German Society), who insisted, that one can criticize Israel and the Israeli Government, without being anti-Semitic (in a German election, mind you), so he went on blaming the Israelis for his own defaults (like you for instance, who are appealing to the intolerance of your voters, by calling the orthodox intolerant) with the result, that the Germans proved to be far more decent than the Israelis and he suffered a smashing defeat.

I any case: In Germany ? like in most European countries and unlike Israel ? Religion is taught in every Public School, and on Sundays there are no open stores or Shopping Malls, you can?t even wash your car on public premises and everybody considers this to be normal and beyond criticism. The disaster is, that people without a feeling for their own Jewish identity can hardly have any understanding, that there can be no Jewish state without a Jewish identity and there ca be no identity without traditions.

Heinz Schneier